週一, 31 五月 2021 09:28

[徵才] 博士後研究員



Postdoctoral Research Fellow



Department of Geosciences, National Taiwan University


  1. 研究歐亞非現代與第四紀環境與氣候變遷。
  2. 研究使用技術包含碳氧同位素,微量元素與鈾釷同位素定年分析。
  3. 研究主題包括全球季風系統,中緯度氣候變遷與跨空間時間尺度氣候遙相關。
  4. 即日起接受收件,預計起聘日為2021/08/01,須附上自傳,博士學位證明,推薦者兩位(一位需為博士班指導教授),兩篇代表著作或其他有利審查資料。
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Applications are invited for a full-time postdoctoral research fellow at the Dept. of Geosciences, National Taiwan University to carry out a cutting-edge research in the fields of the modern and Quaternary environment and climate changes in Europe, Asia or Africa. Geochemical proxy and chronological techniques include carbon/oxygen isotopic composition, contents and isotopes of trace metals, and U-Th age determination on speleothem and other terrestrial and marine carbonates, conducted in geochemical clean rooms and laboratories. The research targets the advanced understanding on the global monsoon systems, mid-latitude climate dynamics or inter-continents/basins climate teleconnection.


Start date is from August 1st, 2021. The renewable position is funded year-by-year. Candidates should hold or be close to completion of a relevant PhD, together with relevant experience in paleoclimate. Previous experience of chemistry or isotope analysis is highly desirable but not required.


All applications must be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. Cover Letter 
    2. Comprehensive CV (with full publication list)
    3. Official transcript or Degree Certificate (PhD’s degree) 
    4. Contact information of two referees* (one must be your PhD Supervisor) 
    5. Top 2 publications (in PDF) or any other supporting documents (scanned copy)

Email: Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它